52 Designs in 52 Weeks – Challenge Completed




Design 51 – Score Sheet

51 -Score Sheet


Design 51 of 52 takes the shape of my Archery score sheet.  I have recently taken up the sport and hope to pass the course next week.  I have always wanted to be prepared in the event of zombie apocalypse, judging by my shooting skills, lets hope there never is one!

I thought it might be interesting to represent the score sheet more graphically showing all my arrows at once and highlighting the colours of each ring using a paint splatter graphic.  I can see that my arrows mainly landed in the red ring – perhaps I could do with some more practice.  The circular nature of the target would have leant itself nicely to a pie chart infographic using the target colours to represent sections of the pie.

Right I’m off to grab my bow as I hear zombies approaching, or is it my other half snoring?!…

51 designs down 1 more to go, the countdown begins…

Design 50 – Teapot Lid

50 -Teapot Lid


Yesterday was my Birthday – yay! I went out for a rather posh lunch with my magnificent husband and beautiful Daughter. I decided to forgo the usual tea we normally get and try something a little stranger and far more exotic.  The lovely waitress recommended the Kwazulu Tea.  Lovely it was too – strong and aromatic. The teapot arrived with the circular tag shown in the image and it seemed like a wonderful starting point for a design challenge.

A simple typography design this week that brings some ordinary text to life.  I checked out the origin of the tea and it turns out its manufactured by a chap called Jeff working out of a garden shed in Clacton on Sea… no not really, its from South Africa, hence my choice of colours in the design of the tea in the cup (they’re all colours in the South African flag).

Well another design down and just two more to go until I have reached my target of one a week for a whole year.  I think that deserves an extra slice of birthday cake before I go up to bed?  No, I’ll be a good girl…. and take it with me instead!

Design 49 – Cracker Joke

49 - Cracker Joke


I’ve had a really busy week this weekend filming a promo video for work, but still had time for a dinner party.  I was privileged to have my old (in age too) University Mentor, visit with his wife and son.  As always we had a great time and it was wonderful to have a catch up.  During the meal we pulled a few mini crackers and as is customary with crackers we had some pretty awful jokes.  My joke provided me with the perfect inspiration and set me thinking about how to visualise the punchline.

Technically this was quite a simple challenge but did require a little bit more thought about the illustrated content.  Sometimes designing a striking image is all about the simplicity of bringing iconic shapes together to create new meaning.  It would be great to create a series of these for the crackers we will pull this Christmas.  Giving people the graphic and have them guess the joke – sounds more interesting than playing charades anyway!

Design 48 – Party Wristband

48 - Party Wristband


So here it is then, challenge 48 out of 52 challenges.  I am so excited to be almost finished that I have had a party to celebrate!

… Ok then not really.  It was my little girl’s 2nd Birthday this weekend and she had a party at the Yorkshire Dales Ice Cream Farm surrounded by all of her friends and family.  We had a great time and all the kids had to wear the purple wrist bands to identify them as members of the right party.  I decided to keep one and see what I could do with it as my latest challenge.

There’s not too much to go on in terms of inspiration; just the purple band and two lots of text.  Still, I like a brief with restrictions as it makes you be creative with what you have.  I decided to try out some more 3D text and found a tutorial that looks at creating a cartoon style of text using 3D, highlight, and stroke effects.

I am pleased with the result and feel it could work as the titles for a kids TV show or perhaps a cheesy late night game show?


Design 45 – Recipe

45 - Bread Recipe


This week I’ve cooked up a rare treat! With a pinch of creativity and a light sprinkling of inspiration I think I have got carried away and may have just over cooked it!

I have been making bread for a few years now (more people should try it) and thought I would put a design together based around my trusty battered old recipe… its the yeast I could do!

I kneaded to explore more typography tools to prove it could be done!  It’s a great way of discovering new fonts that can be part of a later project.  Taking the key elements of a recipe and illustrating them textually and graphically creates a more beautiful representation and makes it easy to digest.  Ok so I spent longer than 2 hours on this one but think I have risen to the challenge quite well!

Now I’m off to bread… I mean bed.  Roll on next week!


Design 44 – Tearoom Pattern

44 - Pickles PatternAnother week and another design goes flying by.  This design is fuelled by a trip to my favourite yummy tea room Pickles in Baildon.  On leaving the delightful place after my lovely cuppa, I picked up a flyer for a new range of ice creams they have been selling this summer.  I have been wanting to create a pattern swatch for sometime now and thought I would use elements of the flyer (Pickles, Tea and Ice Cream Sundae) to incorporate into a design for one.

I can really see the power in the techniques used; I could make wallpaper, note paper or even a design for some fabric in this way (tea towels perhaps!)  I would like to see how much further I can take this, perhaps incorporating more detailed elements into the repeating pattern.  For now though I think that we shall call this another yummy design ticked off!